29 September 1971, 7:40 pm, Purani Basti

So long you have known that the son of so and so Rai Bahadur, son of such and such mother, Subi to his mother and something to you. Then you knew that by Deshbandhu’s waving his magic wand he got involved against his will.

2 October 1976, Saturday, Purani Basti

The seeds of this life were sown when I visited Daulatpur. It was there that I came to know of the existence of this kind of activity which used to take place behind the curtain. In those days this aspect of my intellect was undeveloped.

27 January 1977, Thursday, 1 pm

"In the current scheme of things, we shall not get to meet like this again. These memories should suffice. In the future scenario we may not have the opportunity to meet again like this, so stay here a little longer without harming yourself in any way."