There is no truth like penance
There is no sorrow like anger
There is no joy like renunciation
No truth like penance
No eye like knowledge.

‘Who says God is kind? God has no mercy, love or affection. He has unending mercilessness. To God, the biggest attribute is the six great virtues. There is nothing called God. Whoever acquires the six great virtues becomes God.

Who is a yogi? A devotee of Shiva, worshipper of power(Shakti). Whoever is the mother is the father. Even in this India with its twelve ‘Jyotirlings’ of Shiva, the ‘Mother’ has fifty two pilgrimages. Whatever you say, nothing can measure up to the ‘Mother’.

WedepictShiva as if he is in a trance. Shiva the Yogi is in a trance.That means he is immersed totally in absolute energy in its Pristine State. This is why we call him Mahayogi (the great Yogi). He has become conjoined with thePristine State of Shakti (the divine feminine power). He cannot be comprehendedapart from Shakti. Separated from Shakti, he will become Shava (corpse). Immersed in yoga and in a Samadhi (trance), he is functioning as aconductor. The accumulated divine power is beingconducted through him. Thirty three and a half crore Gods and Goddesses are working with a small fraction of that power. The moment he wakes up from trance (Samadhi), tribulation will result. He will then become Rudra, Shankar, Mahakal. Shiva is working as an anchor for all Gods and Goddesses.

If you do not absorb the power of your roots, you shall wither like a dry leaf.
Shakti Sadhana [Quest for the primordial power or divine energy] is to awaken the Kulakundalini. The Mother herself is known as Kulakundalini Shakti. The goal of the most secret ‘Raj Yoga’ is also the same. The Sadhak gets an option at the point which Raj Yogis reach in their quest for awakening the Kulakundalini. If the Yogi can muster the requisite courage, he can then advance even further. Raj Yogis do not know of this path. Herein lies the difference between Raj Yogis and Tantriks- the real Tantrik will never disclose the fact that he is a Tantrik. One who says he is a Tantrik can never be a Tantrik. Practice of Tantra is an extremely hazardous path. They are bound by an unshakeable Law. The network of their Organisation is spread worldwide. Of course, their nerve centre is in India. A Tantrik will never disclose their Sadhana to others, chop him in a thousand pieces even if you might. Tantra Sadhana- It is the Ultimate of the Ultimates.

A group of Brain Cells has its individual circuit. Some are interconnected, and a groupof nerve cells by their interconnections form a Circuit. If you clean shavea person’s head, and put tiny electrodes on the scalp, they will glow.

The first requirement of a mystique is to have complete control over his outer movements and the next requirement is complete control over his inner currents.Imagine yourself as a General—-a battalion has been destroyed in the battle field – a group of brain cells is functioning in a way that is causing great sorrow and distress in you. At that very moment two members come to you consult you with the news of a Campaigning. You shall have to switch off the first group of cells instantly. Otherwise the first group of cells will get superimposed on your judgement and cloud it, impairing its efficacy. You need complete mastery over yourself. As long as you are under the influence of Maya (cosmic illusion) and Moha (mundane attachments) as long as you feel only for yourself you shall not be able to feel for others. A single scabbard cannot contain two swords. Either you stay (inside yourself), or the divine Mother will.

‘He is the real master who can hold himself in check’ – unless one can desist from blowing his own trumpet he cannot do anything worthwhile.

In this world it is the eccentrics who contribute something. By eccentricI do not mean someone unhinged, but someone out of the ordinary.

Two factors mould the history of a nation throughout the ages. 1. Your military strength. 2. The power and strength of your ideology. Those two things are going to assert themselves permanently for thousand years.

Do you know what is the misfortune of India? It hasn’t had a military seerfor two millennia. There hasn’t been any National Military Thinkingfor a millennium. Thisnation does not know what is military thinking. The country enjoins every person to know his or her military strategy. They should speak in terms of military strength.

I do not believe in Vishwaprem. It is bunkum. it is a cliche. There cannot be such a thing as Vishwaprem.Can you stand in space and practice Vishwaprem? Don’t you need solid ground for your feet to stand upon? What utter nonsense! You must have a centre to radiate, radiate yourself!

I have no attachment towards anyone. I can love everybody, because I cannot give mundane expression to love. Doesn’t it seem paradoxical? In reality it is not paradoxical. It is also not hypocrisy. I do not have any attachment. Expectation is a necessary accompaniment of attachment. The question of expectation lies wherever there is impure love. Love and attachment are like twin sisters. Love only knows how to give, it knows not how to expect. I call that love. This is why I say you have to give, only give, give even your life, that is how you bestow true love. Otherwise, you will have to burn in the fire of Attachment. Have you seen a butterfly burn itself in fire?
Jayasri, Ashwin, 1376 (1969)