Misgivings: Confirmation

It is an event of our lifetime spanning four decades. I never thought it would ever be necessary to discuss and present it openly thus. But in the light of recent developments and discussions which have taken place in public it has become essential to come out with certain disclosures. I do not want to establish anything thereby. This column is a courtesy for me having been an eyewitness cum an insignificant link in the gigantic chain of events referred above. By virtue of being the affectionate ward of the matriarch of our revolutionary organization Smt. Leela Ray I had the rare fortune of having had the proximity and affectionate blessings of a great personality, the summary of whose interactions with us I find it necessary to narrate herein. There has never been any forthright discussion regarding this subject hitherto in the ‘Jayasree’. In the editorial of last Pous 1470 issue there was a brief introduction to it.

I am not one of the deponents in the Commission of Enquiry headed by the Honourable Justice Manoj Mukherjee to unravel the mystery behind Netaji’s so called death in an air crash, but I was called to testify in the Commission regarding Bhagwanji or Gumnami Baba. The prolonged testimony has been duly recorded. The links between Subhas Chandra-Netaji-renunciate-leader and the lady revolutionary leader Leela Ray was maintained from 1963 till she went into coma and continued thereafter for a significant duration with her followers. In the absence of the lady revolutionary leader Leela Ray the mantle of leadership of our organisation was taken up by Sunil Das. They never discussed about their interactions with their leader in public, because of the strict injunction to the contrary by the prime member concerned. His gag order was carried out unerringly by his disciples. They never regarded the holy man who stayed at Naimisharanya-Neemsar, and various other places as anyone other than Netaji. They did not disclose it following their leader’s command. The correspondence that the Mukherjee Commission recovered from the Faizabad treasury revealed the profoundness of their mutual links.

I have never seen Subhas Chandra. But, I have heard so much about him from my early childhood and so familiar I was about the different events in his life that he was ever apparent to me. But, that is besides the point. The events that the renunciate monk Bhagwanji or Mahakal narrated to us in course of his numerous meetings with us – only serve to elucidate the fact that he was none other than Netaji – he dropped enough hints regarding his earlier life to that effect, which I feel should be spelt out in black and white.