Revolution betrayed

‘’…Our sins are stubborn; our repentance, faint,
We take a handsome price for our confession,
Happy once more to wallow in transgression,
Thinking vile tears will cleanse us of all taint.’’

Baudelaire: LesFleurs du mal [Flower of evil]

That day perhaps began like all other days. Adjournment of INA Trial resulted in a lull that was still persisting. Nobody had any inkling of what was going to happen in the ensuing four days i.e. from 21 to 24 November 1945; the four days that shook the nation. As the day progressed the winter sky gradually turned dull as midday sun was fast losing its splendour in the elongated shadows triggering November’s chill. The air was still not contaminated by the smell of gun powder. Slowly people were gathering in different pockets. They might have merged into a large crowd which, like a gigantic serpent was relentlessly proceeding towards the barricade beyond which lay the killing field. Everything turned haywire with a rebellious mass of people out on the rampage. The monster serpent was spewing venom.